Write a scathing review of a classic book.

Literary Review of Little Red Riding Hood, by Dina Percia.

Recently, I had the great displeasure of re-reading Little Red Riding Hood with the opportunity to offer some thoughts of the classic piece. When receiving this assignment, I could not have been more miserable…until I read the book and proceeded to gauge out my eyes.

Please do not get me wrong, this has nothing to do with the simplicity of the book, i.e. it’s written for children. After re-reading this story I have to say: this story is NOT for children. I repeat: Do not think about reading this to your children unless you want to raise frightened, paranoid, misogynist children who get picked-up by every weird pedophile with a van and then feel like it’s their fault when they shamefully become pregnant with the wolf/pedophile’s baby and decide to keep it because you shouldn’t have been so curious and such a slut.

I’ve digressed. But have I? Let’s get to it. This book is so misogynistic, so anti-feminist that it makes me want to smear my period blood on anyone who attempts to argue this with me. The bones of this classic story consists of a young girl who, upon deciding to follow her curious nature and explore the world (which should be encouraged of children), she instead meets a PEDOPHILE (try to argue with me about this. TRY.) who preys on her youthful wonder, innocence, curiosity and COMPASSION to care for her ill grandmother. Then that pedophile trickster rapes this young girls GRANDMOTHER (wowza) and then manipulates her by pretending to be her grandmother by wearing her skin a la Silence of the Lambs and then proceeds to rape her. Side note: Can we talk about the fact that Red actually fell for that stunt? Red is clearly much more intelligent, quick-witted and intuitive to fall for that. Offensive to young, smart, CARING girls everywhere.

In summary, Little Red Riding Hood is an atrocious, anti-feminist literary NIGHTMARE. Come at me bro, i have my little red blood waiting.

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