X rated Disney Scenario

Oliver the poodle traised into the joint, with his luscious apricot fur coat draping over his delicate shoulders. He was exhausted from a long day of ripping apart his rope toy and napping for hours on end. But it was HIS time now; time to escape from his humdrum existence and maybe, if he’s lucky, get some tail.

It was about a month ago when Oliver first spotted him; that pit bull with the sweetest glow in his eye and an ass that could make a poodle crazay. Oliver couldn’t take his eyes off of him, but was too shy to make a move. He swore every day since then that the next time he saw that sexy bull, he’ll be sure to make him his, no excuses.

Tonight must be Oliver’s lucky night because as he walked into that bar, who does he see but that fine piece of Bull.

This was his chance. Oliver quickly downs his martini (dirty, of course) and approaches the pit. “Hi, I’m Oliver. With all due respect, I just have  to say you are the hottest dawg I’ve ever seen. Mind if I sniff your asshole?”

He takes a good long sniff and soaks it in.

Lets get to business: I’m a bottom. You appear to be a top. They chopped off my balls, but I know a piece when I see one. I only have 10 more minutes before I need to get back home, so you want to $uck me in the alley?”

As Oliver is propositioning him the pit bull licks his lips, picturing what it would be like to absolutely destroy this poodle. I mean like, literally rip him a new asshole. After about 3 seconds he replies, “Sure. But you gotta let me call you Suzy.”

“whatever you need.”

the two boys retreat to the back alley where the pit proceeds to rip Oliver a new asshole.

the end.

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