Your Favorite Film.

Come ON blog post, COME ON. This is SO DIFFICULT FOR ME. Probably why I subconsciously “forgot” about this post. J/K.

I have no favorites. I just don’t believe in them. BUT. If I had to choose (Sophie’s Choice style) I would have to go with American Beauty. It survives the test of time where if I watched it again today, I’d still be impressed with it. I am choosing this film because it had such a great impact on me when I saw it in the theaters. I imagine many people have a similar reaction: I walked out of there¬†speechless, knowing that what I had just seen would stay with me for a very long time. It was the first film I had seen to date (I was 17) that had that profound of an affect on me. The story, the writing, the ACTING, the cinematography I mean COME ON. Flawless. It moved me in a way that no film had done before. Many films have moved me afterwards, but I think because this was the FIRST (my virginity), I will always remember it.

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