Something you’ve always regretted saying.

Oh boy. Is it bad that I don’t have one of these? Not like I’ve never said something that I’ve regretted after I’ve said it, but more like I HAVE BLOCKED THESE MEMORIES SO WELL THAT I CAN’T FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMBER ONE. Whoops! But it’s true. I really don’t have anything. What I can comment on is that I’ve said plenty of things I’ve regretted, I’m sure mostly in my adolescence and young adulthood and probably mostly to my mom. I was a vicious, harsh bitch when I was a teenager. A BIOTCH. Also, definitely to ex-boyfriends of mine. They got it pretty bad. Other than that, I really can’t recall. (Note to reader: I’m really gifted at suppression/repression/dissociating.)

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