Your worst experience on an airplane.

Knock on wood I have not had an experience on a plane that would constitute as “worst”, thank goodness. But I have had some annoying, uncomfortable and weird experiences on planes.

For me, the worst experience would have to be any time i get sick and vomit on a plane. Becoming nauseated and potentially vomiting is bad enough when you are alone in the comforts of your own bathroom/dirty toilet, but there is something especially SHITTY about getting sick in front of hundreds of strangers, a handful of which are sitting too close for comfort as you vomit your brains out. It is so embarrassing and disgusting and uncomfortable. Ooh, just the thought of it is making my skin crawl. This used to happen almost every time I got on a plane when I was a child apparently (which was only like 2 times). The most recent experience that my mind is referring to was just a year or two ago when I was flying with Nate to NYC. The turbulence was getting bad and carrying on for a good hour it seemed. The feeling just crept up on me…I think it was a build up from prolonged movement. Just as fate would have it, it snuck up on me as we were making our descent so I could not run to the bathroom. I even called over the flight attendant to ask her if I could as I was going to vomit and she was straight up no, but you can use the bag. I was like biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch?!!?! So, embarrassingly I took that bag and I vomited in it as everyone was staring at me. WORST FEELING EVER.

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