Thoughts on your favorite pet’s personality.

It’s good to be back.

Clearly Oliver is my favorite pet because he is my only pet. Just kidding, that is not the only reason. He is also quite adorable and ridiculous and has a distinct personality, as dogs do. That being said, I have some thoughts on this fluffy fucker that used to share a bed with me and is known to drive me crazy now and then.

First, I’m pretty sure he does things when we are gone. Human things. I imagine that the minute we leave for the day, he waits a good 10 minutes to make sure we don’t come for something. When the coast is clear, I imagine him breaking into our weed stash and rolling a personal blunt. After he’s good and high, I picture him either turning on the TV to watch his “programs”, listening to music, or hopping online to catch up on the news via NY Times. Oliver can be pretty pretentious and I often catch him giving me these sideways glances that I imagine are full of judgement. Oliver is a cynical and skeptical guy, and I imagine he developed his worldliness from his 2 years living in NYC and additional lifetime in the Bay Area. He’s an intellectual, really.

Besides his snobbery, he is a gentle and kind soul with never-ending reserves of presence and open-heartedness. He’s quite a catch, I’d say.

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