Your Dream Vacation.

I’m going to go a little crazy here because it’s a DREAM after all.

So, let’s take a trip on the One World Express for an AROUND THE WORLD VACAY! HAYYYYY! That’s right, this bitch is going EVERYWHERE. I will spend one whole year traveling the world, spending several weeks to a month or two in different countries, and at different legs of the trip invite certain people to join me (They get to choose where they personally want to join in on the travel fun!)

First stop:  South America. I’ll start off by visiting Steve and Lisa in Columbia, then jump to Brazil for a visit to the AMAZON, followed Argentina where I would chill in Patagonia and end in Buenos Aires.

Next stop, AFRICA! I’d head straight to South Africa since I’ll be close, then north to Tanzania for a SAFARI. After straight chillin with some lions, I’ll head more north to Egypt to see some pyramids and the West to Morocco.

Third leg: Europe. Imma be real and say that I will probably spend a significant amount of my time in Europe because its SO VAST. I’m start with Portugal and South Spain (Seville and Granada) and then just move north through it all: France (Paris and Nice), Germany (Berlin and Amsterdam), hop over to see London, hop back to my homeland of Italy and spend a few months there traveling around. Then, over to my OTHER homeland, Albania, and chill on beaches of the Adriatic during the warmer months, hopping to Greece when I want a change of scenery. Now shit is about to get weird as I head WAY NORTH to Norway and Iceland to finally understand why everyone is so happy there and why Bjork is so weird. Fuck Russia. Back down to Istanbul, Turkey where I spent 36 hours in a hotel room listening to a Turkish couple (or maybe it was a prostitute) fuck for 8 HOURS STRAIGHT (no joke), except I won’t be visiting that B & B again.

Fourth leg: Nepal, India. Ride some chicken buses, see the beauty of the Indian people and landscape. Hop down for a week in the Maldives because why not? Now over to Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.

Fifth stop: Japan! I don’t know where to go, but you can help me with that, lova!

Finally the last stop will be Australia (Melbourne) and New Zealand with a vacation (within a vacation to Bali, Indonesia).

…And thus, my life will be complete.

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