What is the most difficult decision you’ve ever made?

Hm. I was going to say whether to move to California or not, but that wasn’t so difficult for me. I have a feeling that I have yet to make the most difficult decision of my life, but if I am to choose one now I’d say it was to get married.

Marriage is for lyfe, bro. Or, that is its intention. So that’s a PRETTY HEFTY DECISION if I say so myself. It feels big and scary and forever, when you really consider what you are choosing (a lifetime partner) which many people don’t actually think that far into it.

It was difficult because it was important and I don’t take important things lightly or easily. My ability to see all sides of a picture is both a gift and a curse because I see the good and the bad, positive and negative, and have to move forward or not with all of that information in consideration.

I freaked out for months before getting married, but that was also because I was going through a lot personally (facing trauma and a lot of shit with my family) so it became a weighted decision with so much at stake. I also have trouble with commitment, so there’s THAT.

But making this huge, weighted decision was really really important and good for me.

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